Regolamento del Ministero delle Comunicazioni approvato il 14 febbraio 2006.

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  1. 09783310 There are a lot of fields in the Marine Corps that this is a problem for, not just special ops guys. I was an intel weenie (26XX in a Radio Battalion), the furthest thing from what the author is discussing, but when I was in, our 1st Sgt was up from mortars, could count his GT on his fingers, and for whatever reason, was unable to get a security clearance. I know that ASVABs aren’t everything, but it was a federal offense and a violation of national security to tell the 1st Sgt what the company was doing. Next 1st Sgt came from a career in S-4 and made us spend all day counting gear, while the platoon commander was a 2nd Lt. who had played some sort of college sports and had a degree in "Sports Nutrition," while our company commanders rotated in and out every year, checking the "Intel" box on their career sheets without really knowing what they were. The system is broken all over, I never understood what 1st Sgts could do that MSgts couldn’t do better except get up in people’s faces about dull boots and shiny eyelets. cartier knockoff watch

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